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The Sword of River Fire

The Great 108 Relics appeared from all the legends and mythologies with their great power and remarkable abilities.
Among the relics disappeared in the War of the Dawn, there was one that suddenly came back and astonished the world.
Its name was the Sword of River Fire.

The blade melts down endlessly with its intense heat that even Earth Wyrm cannot bear,
and the burning rain adorned the battlefield with red lights every time it was brandished.

One day, the sword fell from the sky to the mountaintop, and the sword's fire flowed down to the villages and forest, turning them into hell.
That's why all praised White Silver Knight, who climbed the mountain through rivers of fire and swamps of smoke and pulled out the sword to save the kingdom.
But no castles nor towns welcomed him, despite all those praises they made, since the liquid fire burned everywhere the Knight went.

White Silver Knight, lonely and abandoned, held the sword tight and cast himself into the wailing sea.
It is said that the black island was born in that place, smoke rising up to this day.